Academics and Curriculum

The UCESC Work Readiness Academy's Curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards.

In today's global economy, students need to be lifelong learners who have the knowledge and skills to adapt to an evolving workplace and world. To address these demands, Standard 9, 21st Century Life and Careers, which includes the 12 Career Ready Practices, establishes clear guidelines for what students need to know and be able to do in order to be successful in their future careers and to achieve financial independence.

Students also work on developing social skills and other important independent living skills such as time management, functional money skills and independent travel training. 

Digital Literacy is also an important component of the program. Students use Chromebooks to learn how to safely and appropriately use gmail, internet browsers, search engines, google maps, google drive and google apps such as docs, slides, and sheets. 

Students also participate in a daily gentle yoga and mindfulness practice to promote good mental and physical health. The program also visits a local fitness center twice a month. 

The Work Readiness Academy belongs to the New Jersey PCAST community. Staff are trained to support students in developing person-centered post-secondary visions including goals and action plans. Students are encouraged to self-advocate for themselves during IEP and transition planning meetings.