For a student to be considered for placement at Westlake School, the following steps are taken:

  • The case manager of the school district’s child study team contacts Westlake School by telephone. During that conversation, the case manager will briefly explain the needs of the student.
  • Based upon that conversation, if it is determined that we might be able to provide an appropriate program for the student, a Westlake representative will request that the case manager forward a copy of the student’s current file, including all evaluations and a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Upon receipt of the student’s file, Westlake School’s team will assess the student’s needs and its ability to provide an appropriate program. 
  • If an appropriate program seems possible, the student’s case manager will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the parent/guardian, the student, and the case manager to come in for an initial screening and tour of the school. 
  • An initial screening includes an explanation of Westlake School’s program and a tour of the building. At that time, questions to further clarify the student’s needs will be asked by the health office and case management team. 
  • After our admissions team confers, a student who appears to be appropriate for the program will be offered the opportunity to come to the school for a three-day diagnostic visit. During that time, the student will fully experience the program, giving the student, the parent/guardian, and Westlake staff a chance to determine whether a placement at Westlake School will be in the student’s best interest. 
  • A three-day diagnostic visit may take place on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -or- on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, with no financial obligation to the district. 
  • Upon completion of the three-day diagnostic visit, a final determination will be made.
  • Requests for placement in September of the next school year will be carried out in the spring, with a diagnostic visit sometime in May. Tours of Westlake School may only occur after the first four steps outlined above have been completed.
  • Additionally, the initial screening and tour must include the district case manager, the parent/guardian, and the student.

At this time, Westlake School is welcoming new students for possible enrollment. Kindly have your school district’s case manager contact us at 908-232-4181 if you wish to proceed further in the admissions process. Thank you for your interest in our program for cognitively impaired, multiply disabled, and students with autism spectrum disorders.