Principal's Page


Reed Leibfried
(908) 232-6655 Ext. 2002

I am the extremely fortunate Principal of the Crossroads School since the Fall of 2014.

Prior to this position, I was a Special Education Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal in the Jersey City Public School District for thirteen years. Leading the Crossroads School over the last year and a half has been an absolute pleasure and has been a humbling experience. It is such a privilege to be a part of a team of faculty and staff that are so dedicated to our students. We keep the best interests of the students at the forefront of all our decisions. This website is designed to provide the viewer with a snapshot of our instructional, emotional and social philosophies. Our team is steadfast in meeting the needs of our students at their specific level. Instruction is consistently differentiated, therapeutic sessions are tailored to meet the goals and objectives of each individual student and learning skills are mastered by our students on a daily basis. A warm, passionate and caring faculty work tirelessly to constantly improve the educational, social and emotional skills of our students. We communicate with the parents and families of our students on a daily basis. We continue to believe that a strong and positive bond between home and school is imperative in ensuring that our children achieve their highest potential academically and across all areas of development. Crossroads School prioritizes communication, socialization, and independence across all disciplines. The integration of the principles of behavior analysis is integral to the success of our students and helps guide our staff to make best practice decisions. Our faculty and staff work tirelessly to individually tailor our instructional methodologies to meet the needs of our children. I urge you to call, drop by, or e-mail at any time to ask questions or share ideas about how we can work together to ensure the optimal growth of our students.