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Dear Autism Speaks Community,

As the current and incoming chairs of the Autism Speaks Board of Directors, we’re reaching out to tell you we are thinking of you, and we are here for you.

Both of us are fathers to sons on the spectrum, and we know that these are challenging times for our community. Disrupted routines, changes in access to services and the uncertainty of what’s to come can be extremely taxing. We’re doing our best to approach each day with kindness and compassion - and we know that we will get through this together.

We want to share an update on what the team at Autism Speaks is doing to help our community weather this storm. We can assure you that the entire Autism Speaks staff - from leadership to employees at every level - is unrelenting in their dedication to fulfilling the mission.

  1. The Autism Response Team remains a resource for all families in our community, and we encourage you to reach out if you are in need of assistance. We are available to answer calls, emails and online chat. As specific inquiries come in, we are listening and learning in real time to make information and content available. We are also implementing measures for ongoing follow-up to ensure the community feels supported throughout this time.
  2. We have created a centralized hub for resources for families and individuals on the spectrum: COVID-19 Information and Resources. This page is updated regularly as new content is developed, including with video resources to guide individuals and families.
  3. Connect with us on social media: for tips, tools, resources and inspiration.You will find daily posts that include news, information and people in the autism community sharing their stories. Connect with us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.
  4. We offer financial support. We are offering Autism Speaks Cares Grants to people with autism and their families/caregivers who are in need of financial help with groceries, childcare/respite, medication or therapy as a result of COVID-19. Contact the Autism Response Team for more information.
  5. We continue to develop new resources that will be freely available. We’re doing this by engaging with national and international partners for learnings and best practices; convening experts across the public health sector; and activating our field and outreach teams to engage families directly.

We care deeply about the well-being of our community, and we urge everyone to follow best practices to stay safe and healthy during this time. We know that these are challenging times, but we will get through this together – we are here for you.

With kindness, gratitude and hope,

Brian Kelly   Brian Harper 
Chairman, Autism Speaks Board of Directors           Incoming Chairman, Autism Speaks Board of Directors