Lamberts Mill Academy is a therapeutic public secondary school that serves students in grades 8-12. UCESC and Trinitas Regional Medical Center work collaboratively to provide an educational and therapeutic setting where students can receive an academic curriculum aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and daily therapeutic interventions. In addition to a college preparatory academic program and daily therapy, students are eligible to participate in the LMA Job Academy and transition services.

Administration and therapists from LMA work closely with school districts to identify and place students who would benefit from this unique therapeutic learning environment. Parents who are interested in learning more about LMA are encouraged to reach out to their school district, as we work closely with district Child Study Teams. Parents or school districts who are interested in exploring the myriad options that LMA offers should contact the main office at 908-233-7581 ext. 450 to set up a tour and/or interview. All interviews and tours are conducted with Child Study Team members, parents, and students.