Hillcrest Academy North

Hillcrest Academy North

Mrs. Goldenberg, Social Worker, meets with nine groups every other week and Ms. Gronert, Guidance Counselor, meets with two groups every other week to discuss the identified goals with the students. Each group started with ice breakers and a questionnaire to identify the best way to proceed. Stress management groups asked to discuss time management and learning how to not feel overwhelmed. Emotional regulation groups wanted to learn how to better control emotions and how to not go from “0 to 60” every time something happens. Mrs. Goldenberg and Ms. Gronert have noticed improvement in all their groups and will continue to work with these students for the remainder of the school year. Gianni O. reported, "I like it because it teaches us the skills we need to manage stress. We also learn that we are not alone in finding it difficult to manage our stress. The program is definitely helping students!" Omar A. reported, "It gives students an opportunity to develop skills they can use in all areas of their lives!"

For further information about Hillcrest Academy North, please contact John Marquet, Principal, at (908) 233-9366 Ext. 3002. 


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