Hillcrest Academy - South

Hillcrest Academy South

For the past month, six artistically talented students at Hillcrest Academy South (HAS) have been hard at work designing and creating the school’s submission for the annual UCESC Bulletin Board Contest. From the beginning these students were challenged, yet excited about this year’s theme of Diversity. The students felt strongly about engaging the entire student body in the process of deciding how to best represent the rich and diverse culture at HAS. After synthesizing the feedback they received, the artists brought their vision to life by creating a vibrant bulletin board that depicted the various cultures, talents and attributes of the HAS student body. HAS is very proud of these very talented students and the message that our bulletin board proclaims. We are Hillcrest: Diverse & United.

For further information about Hillcrest Academy South, please contact Dr. Jason Balsamello, Principal, at (908) 654-8558 Ext. 158.

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