Director's Page


The mission of the UCESC Work Readiness Academy is to maximize the potential and independence of each student to ensure a fulfilling life after high school. We use a person-centered approach to help prepare students with varying disabilities (ages 16-21) for an integrated and meaningful adult life. We primarily focus on helping students develop employment readiness and when applicable plan for continued post-secondary education or training.

Students in our programs will:

  • Be able to self-identify their own strengths, interests, preferences, and needs

  • Dream big and create  individual post-secondary transition goals

  • Demonstrate high levels of personal choice and self-determination

  • Develop critical skills that will enable them to work effectively and be independent adults

  • Understand, apply for, and receive post-high school adult services

  • Attain sustainable, competitive employment in the community; and/or enroll in continued education or training programs after high school

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time via email or phone to discuss our program options.

Josh Bornstein Director of Special Projects, UCESC M.Ed. Special Education (908) 233-9317 Ext. 246